Kitzlochklamm Taxenbach...

The Kitzlochklamm gorge in Taxenbach on the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park offers a fascinating natural spectacle. The gorge got its name from the young goats that used to come here to cool off in the heat of summer. Visitors are not only amazed by the thunderous waterfall that thunders down the cliffs, but also by the enormous masses of water that rush through the Kitzloch Gorge, leaving parents and children breathless. For thousands of years, the Rauriser Ache has worked its way through the limestone slate and formed upright walls in the gorge. The Kitzloch Gorge is one of the most beautiful and impressive gorges in the Alpine region. Walk over the spectacular bridge high above the roaring water, marvel at the idyllic bays and rugged, metre-high rock faces and let yourself be enchanted by mossy stones and sunrays in the glittering water dust. 




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Kitzlochklamm Taxenbach...
5660, Kitzlochklammstraße 1
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