Rieding-Alm Mühlbach...

Hike or ride your mountain bike to our beautiful alpine hut, where fresh alpine milk, a hearty hut snack with homemade cheese, bacon, farmhouse bread, schnapps from our own distillery and homemade pastries await you. Cows and calves graze on the pasture. The children can take advantage of the wide playground in the natural alpine pasture area and have fun with the shepherd dog "Cora" and the small animals. Take a walk to the waterfalls at the end of the valley or hike to one of the surrounding huts and mountain pastures. 




  • Good weather
  • Bad weather
  • Pets allowed
  • Summer
  • Familyfriendly


Rieding-Alm Mühlbach...
5505, Rieding Alm 119
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