Bundschuh Blast Furnace Museum Thomatal...

In the Bundschuh blast furnace museum in Thomatal, interested visitors can learn all about the former pig iron production and the smelting in Bundschuh. Marvel at the listed smelting plant or the preserved plant of a wind heater, which is one of the last exhibits in Europe. The museum is housed in the former blower house and provides an insight into historical mining back to the 16th century. It is interesting for young and old alike to take a closer look at the various equipment that was in use at that time, such as gallery finds, sledges for ore and coal mining and pig iron. Visitors are equally enthusiastic about the mountain smithy and the fascinating minerals from the Lungau region. Visit the entire blast furnace plant with roasting furnaces, parts of the coal ingot, blower house, the actual blast furnace and the staff house and take a look at the life and work of the miners of that time. 




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Bundschuh Blast Furnace Museum Thomatal...
5592, Bundschuh 15
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