Salzburg Zoo...

From exotic lions to native ibex: Salzburg Zoo delights visitors of all ages with its rich animal world. An ideal excursion destination south of the city of Salzburg.

With around 1,500 animals from 150 species, the former "Hellbrunn Zoo" offers an exciting experience. From the dwarf mouse to the white rhinoceros, creatures of all sizes are represented - and from different continents. The Africa section with the large savannah enclosure and the lion house is a highlight of the zoo. Eurasia beckons with the red panda, the alpine ibex and the brown bear. From America you can see sloths and a steppe tapir. Australia is represented, for example, by parm kangaroos.

The 14-hectare area offers space for spacious outdoor facilities. Salzburg Zoo is committed to keeping its animals in enclosures that are as close to nature as possible. The specific habitat characteristics are combined with the special features of the Hellbrunn landscape: from the imposing rock faces to the hilly alluvial landscape.

The highlights of the special programme await the more than 300,000 visitors a year. Among the wild domestic and exotic animals, there are always baby animals to see. The animals of the Ark Zoo are happy to be hugged.

The area of today's zoo, south of the city of Salzburg, was already an archiepiscopal game park in the 15th century. The Hellbrunn complex with its palace, water features and zoo was planned by Archbishop Markus Sittikus from 1612 and completed in 1619. Today, Salzburg Zoo is a modern centre for nature and species conservation - and a highlight for children!




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Salzburg Zoo...
5081, Hellbrunner Straße 60
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